In the late 1800's the Savannah Valley RailRoad connected travelers and goods to Anderson and Charleston...  Today, the historic  railroad connects recreational enthusiasts with the beauty of the Little River Blueway & Savannah River areas.

  Railroad in the late 1800's
  Railroad bed today at the
entrance to Cemetery Road near
the Badwell Cemetery

The Savannah Valley Rails to Trails project is now underway.  What was once just a dream by Savannah Lakes Village residents Frank Clayton and Don Norton, is now becoming a reality.  Clearing of the the old railway bed is in progress on a section from Barksdale Ferry Road to Worship Site Road and from Huguenot Parkway to Willington.



History of the Project:

The trail follows the road bed of the old C & WC Railroad from Charleston to Anderson, which was constructed in 1885. The Interstate Commerce Commission approved discontinuing rail service in 1978, and the South Carolina Department of Commerce purchased the roadway in 1983. The idea for a recreational trail began in the mid-1990s. It is to be open to just hikers and bikers; no motorized vehicles.

The proposed thirty-five mile project is located in a scenic extensively vegetated area along the Savannah River and the Little River area. Ultimately, it will connect Calhoun Falls in Abbeville County to McCormick in McCormick County with Baker Creek, Hickory Knob, and Calhoun Falls State Parks.

The 96 District Resource, Conservation, and Development Council has a license from SC Department of Commerce to develop, maintain and operate the trail on the railroad right of way and a MOU with the US Forest Service to develop and construct a trail on US Forest Service land.

The Savannah Valley Rail Road Trail (SVRRT) will be developed in Four Phases:
  • Phase One: Willington to Barksdale Ferry Road (Eastern section of this phase borders along the Shenandoah, Savannah Point, and Monticello Neighborhoods of Savannah Lakes Village)
  • Phase Two:
    • Barksdale Ferry Road to McCormick
    • Willington to RT 81 north of Mount Carmel
  • Phase Three: Baker Creek and Hickory Knob State Parks
  • Phase Four: Calhoun Falls and Calhoun Falls State Park



For the SVRRT project committee:
Don Norton
Frank Clayton

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